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Recent News. Graduated from Middlebury College in February 2018 with a B.A in English and Creative Writing. Magna Cum Laude or some such thing. They gave me a really cool cane. 



  • Grow Iterwrite
  • Publish the Novel
  • Build a Cabin in the Woods?


What began as an intern position quickly became an all-consuming project management role where I raced to develop a business model for a would-be social enterprise incubator in Nepal. Tasks included:

  • Researching and analyzing best startup incubation practices in high-risk growth markets.
  • Incorporating insights into a novel framework that aligned with NGO’s existing model.
  • Developing initiatives to engage urban youth in sustainable innovation.
  • Mediating differing project goals from various company administrators (Founder, CEO, Marketing Director) into a holistic and actionable plan while leveraging existing programs for maximum growth.


Middlebury Consulting Group (Formerly 180DC)

MCG provides free consulting services to small businesses and nonprofits (typically with very limited budgets) throughout New England. Recent duties have included: 

  • Analyzing and improving customer retention programs to decrease recidivism in previously-incarcerated women.
  • Designing and implementing sustainable human-centered data gathering systems.
  • Overhauling company’s brand and developing an online marketing strategy for 100+ year-old boating business.


IDA brings together a team of students, architects, and educators for eight intensive days to design, build, and install a project for an island community in Penobscot Bay, Maine. It’s architecture at its best. My responsibilities included:

  • Researching, designing, and constructing a socio-economic hub for isolated community in Isle Au Haut, ME.
  • Working as part of twelve-person team to analyze needs of stakeholders, draft architectural plans, build models, and create finals structure in ten day sprint.

Marketing Strategist

As the Mahaney Center’s first marketing personnel, I was tasked with overhauling marketing strategy for the  college audience with the goals of increasing event attendance and brand engagement. 

  • Constructed and ran data collection structures (surveys, focus groups, interviews, Google/Facebook analytics, etc.) and synthesized findings for distribution.
  • Designed and implemented new strategies such as informal pop-up performances, social media campaigns, and community incentive programs.
  • Managed social media branding and marketing efforts, with an emphasis on video creation and copywriting, that resulted in an engagement increase of more than 5x across platforms.

Technician Manager

The Production Advisory Group is responsible for providing technical support to on campus concerts, speakers, performances, etc. I am one of two Team Managers and Leader Technicians for PAG’s two dozen student sound and light technicians. Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting in training and scheduling personnel.
  • Planning professional and amateur concerts and other performances throughout the semester. 
  • The design and operation of lighting and audio for events.
Pavilion designed and constructed for IDA
One of the models created for HCI

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