It has been decided that 2018 will be another fantastic year for writing and making things. In addition to working on Safescape and Iterwrite, I’m excited to open my doors as a wordsmith-for-hire and marketing consultant.

 I love connecting awesome businesses with the people who need them. That means designing the entire communciation cycle—from the punctuation in a sentence to the layout of a webpage—to be as authentic and compelling as possible. Storytelling for the benefit of all. 

There’s nothing more energizing than helping build awesome products and spread interesting ideas. If you’re working to create something and could use help testing your idea, connecting to an audience, or building a brand, get in touch!




You know words are hugely important for your endeavor but have a million other things that need doing. Some things I can handle for you: web copy overhaul, blog post generation, marketing material creation.


You've put some words down but want a second set of eyes to hone the flow of the piece and make sure your commas are in order. Or maybe it needs serious reworking, schwarzenegger-style.


Communication on the most comprehensive scale. We'll create or renovate your website from the ground up to convert visitors and meet your goals. I work within WordPress so you maintain maximum self-sufficiency.


Powerful content creation to communicate your story and value with powerful authenticity, market research to gather deeper insights on your audience, web design to give your online persona a facelift, and copyediting to make sure every sentence generates conversions. Those are a few places we can start.

Not sure what your business needs? No worries, I can help with that too. Get in touch for a friendly non-binding email.

It couldn’t be easier. Just send me a quote request. Fill out as many fields as you want but all I need is your name and email to get the ball rolling.  I’ll reply with rudely short emails to save us both time until you’re sure we’re a good fit.

Or, if that’s too involved, just send me an email at

Both. Black. Copious

Someday I’ll run a cafe/brewery/bookshop/makerspace that brings together all sorts of entrepreneurs and writers and creators, to create awesome things. It’ll be wicked.

Individuals and small businesses creating things that light their fires like nothing else. Hypercurious, determined, solution-oriented folks who take themselves just seriously enough.

For more tidbits, check out my About Page then hop over and read a few Articles.


"Connor performs his duties with competence and professionalism while bringing creativity, imagination, and a sense of humor to the tasks at hand. He is a strong writer and a smart visual thinker. His articles were well written and shaped. His videos were elegant, and sometimes funny, depending on what we wanted to convey about each show. He stayed on top of new developments in video editing, image software, and social media platforms, and generated new ideas for how to leverage those technologies to help market our performances. In short, Connor learns quickly and isn’t intimidated when approaching a new system. He was a pleasure to have on our team.”
Liza Sacheli
Director of the Mahaney Center for the Arts



Iterwrite is the web’s first collection of, and marketplace for, early drafts of published creative writing. We are working to educate and inspire struggling writers by pulling back the curtain on the creative process and highlighting the importance of resilience and revision to creative success. To do this, we’re working with authors, libraries, and users to discover and purchase excerpts of drafts, compare versions of a piece, and synthesize findings into actionable takeaways.

As an English and Creative Writing major working on a sci-fi novel, I’m explicitly aware of the trials and tribulations that accompany creative endeavors. Iterwrite is a way of bolstering Creatives as they pursue their craft. 

Winner of Middlebury College’s  May 2017 MiddChallenge Pitch Competition. Currently under development.


Markus has trained for five years to become a Protector of Arkus, one of the select few tasked with arbitrating disputes on the Venusian colony designed as a haven for emotional safety. When his sister wavers from society’s guidelines on the anniversary of their father’s death, Markus is propelled into a dangerous world where right and wrong aren’t so clear.


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